slide4Host a Workshop

There is no fee to host a BarreElevate Workshop. Hosting a workshop at your home studio is a great way to ensure that your program will be a success. The more teachers from your studio who teach BarreElevate, the better. Not only will you have someone to cover classes, but together you will build your classes faster.  To guarantee the best possible workshop experience, we ask that host studios provide the following:

    • A Ballet Barre: wall, floor, or portable
    • A Mirror
    • Playground type balls (6”) or Magic Circles
    • 2-5 Pound Hand Weights
    • Thera-Bands or Yoga Straps

We will have some props and merchandise available for purchase the day of the workshop. Please understand that should a workshop not meet the minimum required attendance, we reserve the right to cancel a course and are not responsible for any lost travel expenses.

Please click here host a Barre-Elevate Workshop!