1G1A4023Lauri Stricker
Creator & Founder

Lauri is a nationally sought after speaker and teacher, the author of the book, Pilates for the Outdoor Athlete, and the producer of the DVD, Pilates with your Baby. She has an MBA from the prestigious Daniel’s College of Business at the University of Denver, and is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Teacher. Lauri’s passion for movement began as a little girl who loved to dance, and reached an apex when she discovered rock climbing. Ask Lauri if she was a dancer and she’ll reply, “only on the rocks. She describes rock climbing as “vertical ballet”. While rock climbing and living in Boulder, Lauri discovered Pilates. Already a strong athlete, Lauri was impressed by how Pilates helped her heal an injury, and improve her performance on the rock. She quickly left a career in marketing to study Pilates. Lauri holds certifications from both The Pilates Institute of Boulder, and The Pilates Center. Lauri has owned and operated successful Pilates studios for over a decade, and mentored many Pilates teachers along the way. She is currently on the faculty of the Pilates Institute of Boulder, a premier teacher training program in Colorado. Lauri is the mother of two sons and is passionate about empowering women as they make their journey into motherhood. She teaches a workshop called the “Sacred Journey” PMA approved pre and post natal workshops. Having spent many nights tethered to rock walls, and misty mornings looking skyward, Lauri draws heavily upon her climbing experience for strength and inspiration in all of life.

BarreElevate is an expression of Lauri’s experience, creativity, and passion for helping others to live elevated. When you study with Lauri, you gain a mentor who is invested in helping you to become the best teacher you can be. When you partner with BarreElevate, you gain access to a dynamic program that seeks to elevate the lives of others, yours included.

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