I am enthralled with the BarreElevate class taught by Lauri!!! This class has fine-tuned my form not only during this class but in the Cadillac & Reformer classes as well. Barre class has given me an improved connection to proper alignment and I adore my sleeker legs and love love! Lauri is an inspiration and her fun, varied routines keep me engaged.
—Carol Frey Higgins

I love the BarreElevate class at Evergreen Pilates and attend it weekly. It offers a great toning, balance, energetic and strengthening workout. I am using muscles I never know existed!
— Heidi McLean

BarreElevate is my most favorite, among All Equipment Pilates, Mat Exercise, and Zumba that I also enjoy every minute of it. We have many sport choices to improve our physical strengths and appearance, and I am so happy to have discovered Evergreen Pilates. Thank you for establishing such a fantastic hub in Evergreen, Lauri!
— Dr. Mancia Ko

Have you ever thought that you were in good shape and then realized most of the capabilities you thought you had were diminished or just not there? That happened to me this past August. I am an active guy, Tennis, Motorcycles, camping; I love them all. I had been dirt bike riding the week before and was tired just getting the bike off of the trailer. Having just retired I wanted to do all of the things I now had time to do. But, there I was sitting on the couch. I needed something that would energize me. Give me back the strength and coordination I had enjoyed as a younger man. I was reading a local magazine and I saw an advertisement. “Give us a call and come in for a free session”.The timing was perfect. I called and Lauri scheduled a session for me. It was FUN! She scheduled a series of private lessons so I could learn the equipment, terminology, etc. as a springboard to group classes. She stressed form more than anything. “I would rather you get the form correct once than have you do it ten times wrong.” So after a couple of months of classes, what did I gain? I gained self confidence, balance, stamina, posture and a group of folks who helped me through the tough stuff. My wife comments that my posture has changed. I walk with a more fluid motion and sense of confidence. My Motorcycle riding friends say my riding style is different. They cannot put a name to it, but it is more positive, grounded, always on balance. So what is my favorite class? It has to Barre Elevate! That one hour class is tough and dynamic. It challenges each muscle group and all the parts they are attached to. It teaches a sense of rhythm and how all the parts move together.
It is FUN! Thank you Lauri for getting me back on the right track!

— Joe Platko Retired

"Lauri's morning BarreElevate class is a belly-crunching, butt-busting hour of fun. She teaches and individually helps the participants get the most out of their workout. Not what you think when a barre class comes to mind. Be prepared to work and have fun. A great way to start the day. Please consider a DVD barre class for days when I can't be there!"
— Kathleen Laurie

If you combine Lauri's mastery of Pilates with her creativity, you get BarreElevate. Compared to other barre-derivative programs, I found BarreElevate to be truly Pilatesbased while incorporating a cardio component most Pilates clients don't experience. I think clients will love this class...I know I did!
- Stephanie Feldman, Graduate of The Pilates Center

I am hooked! As a former runner, I love the endorphins and the healthy, "I challenged myself!" feel I get after class. I love that I get a great workout that is fun, and, at the same time, was designed with quality movement that won't compromise my joints and posture. The  attention made to good balance should be in everyone's exercise regime.
- Kathy Crespo, Graduate of The Pilates Institute of Boulder

I have a background in dance and love mat Pilates, so for me BarreElevate is the perfect combination of heart-pumping fun, focused core training and flexibility and strength training. The structure of the class allows for muscle-memory and familiarity while still incorporating new challenges and variations on the exercises to keep it fresh. It's like the perfect protein in workout form!
-Lindsay Gunther

I am a certified Group Exercise Instructor. I had taken my first barre class over two years ago and fell in love with the workout immediately. It is unlike any other class I have ever taken. It is not only very challenging and effective... it is a lot of fun! This isn't the type of workout that you can just pick up and start teaching either. There is so much to learn about the technique, safety and basic fundamentals of ballet, pilates and dance. My background is in kickboxing and cardio/strength types of classes. So, I had a lot to learn! What was great about the BarreElevate Certification Program is that it gave me all the tools I needed to satrt teaching a Barre class at the health clubs that I am affiliated with. Now I can start sharing this great workout with others.
-Sheri Vernier